What’s it all about?

I am Neil McCoubrey, a Post Graduate student at Edinburgh Napier University doing a PhD by Research into Landscape Photography.

I have long been drawn to photographing man-made structures in remote landscapes and a significant part of my research will be into the conscious and sub-conscious processes used to create these images.

To date my processes have been almost totally intuitive but now I want to understand what is actually going on. How do I choose my subjects? How do I compose my images? What is it that drives me into making a particular image?

The title for my research is:

“Unpacking the Creative Processes of a Landscape Photographer”

In this Blog I will be showing my images and describing the thoughts and processes I noted whilst on location and later when reviewing my work. It will be research into my own creative and others’ practice sand your feedback will be greatly appreciated.

Do you agree with my conclusions?

How would you approach these situations?

How is your practice different?

Please see the “Background” page for the hypothesis behind this research.